Sykleri II
Sykleri is an informative drive by screen for cyclists. Not only providing cyclists useful information it also collects information about cyclists for city planning purposes.

 Personal Trailer
Personal Trailer is a light-weight, agile and easy-to-use bicycle trailer for everyday use in a busy city environment.

Trigo can be utilized as a fully functioning bicycle buggy, comfortable stroller, and when no child is present, a small flat bed trailer for minor shopping tasks.

BOX 2.78

"Designed for dailyuse, specially for grocery shopping, in city environment"

 Bicycle Repair Station
Open to all self repair station for bicyclists including tutorials on how to use the repair station and the tools.

 Bicycle parking
Ideas for bicycle parking and storage solutions in Helsinki Central Railway Station area.

 Cycling in Kivistö - Bicycle parking
A convertible structure for bike parking can be situated to the places where most needed and protects bicycles from rain & snow.

 School Path
Design for the elements of a safe School Path to be implemented within the new residential area of Kivistö.

 School Path - Communication Plan
Designing an efficient method of informing and educating parents, children, schools and the public about the School Path and of traffic safety.

 Bicycle Centre 1.0 User Survey
Bicycle Centre 1.0 served as a communication channel to the residents as well as to promote cycling in the city. The survey compiles information collected during the summer 2012 about user experiences and needs of the city’s residents.

Merita Soini, Project Manager

Päivi Keränen, Producer & Information Officer


Design for Everyday Mobility

Pleasant train stations? Functional Park and Ride possibilities? Bicycling Centre where you can safely park your bicycle and get your bicycle repaired?

Design for Everyday Mobility project (aka LAD) develops all these ideas. We are searching and creating solutions for everyday mobility to enable a better environment for cyclists, pedestrians and the users of public transport. The basis of our project is to create good design. We develop traffic solutions together with the people who move in the area. At the same time we support city planning by increasing the safety of the area and the attractiveness of public transport, bicycling and walking.

The project will be implemented in the years 2011-2013 in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. It benefits from the design and technology know-how of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the city expertise and sustainable development goals of SYKLI Environmental School of Finland.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, Uusimaa Regional Council and the cities of Helsinki and Vantaa.

Bicycle Centre

Bicycling Centre   Bicycling Centre

In this subproject we design the service concept of the Bicycle Centre. The services of the centre will include, for instance, the parking, maintenance and repair of bicycles, equipment and clothing rental and travellers’ services. The Bicycle Centre will be developed into a pilot model that can be copied to other locations. In addition to Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, the city of Helsinki and VR Railway Company are involved in the development of the Bicycling Centre.

The first Bicycle Centre in Helsinki opened on Narinkkatori Square in Kamppi on Helsinki Day, 12 June 2012. The centre serves and advises the city’s residents and visitors in matters concerning the storage, renting and quick servicing of bicycles and the navigation of bicycle routes.

Interior design and industrial design students have designed the interior, some furnishings and the visual appearance of the Bicycle Centre, and carried out a user survey in the summer as part of the project. Cyclists can also use self-service stations designed by the students at five kiosk stands across the city.

Marja-Vantaa Park and Ride

Prototype testing   Prototype testing

The development of the Marja-Vantaa Park and Ride concept supports the planning and realisation of Marja-Vantaa, which is the most significant new residential and business area of Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The main focus of the Park and Ride planning is to improve the safety and accessibility of public transport, bicycling and walking. The project brings forward new viewpoints to the planning process of the Marja-Vantaa Park and Ride and strengthens the image of Marja-Vantaa as an area designed for bicyclists. The Degree Programme in Design of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the city of Vantaa are involved in the project.

Improving Station Areas

Community art at Malmi bus terminal, photo by Pauli Vennervirta   Community art at Malmi bus terminal, photo by Pauli Vennervirta

“Shared Stations” art and design subproject will increase the accessibility and safety of the Helsinki Central Railway Station and Malmi Railway Station areas. The aim is to have more pleasant and safe stations and to create a concept of communal planning that can also be applied to other projects. SYKLI Environmental School of Finland will carry out the project with VR Railway Company, the Finnish Transport Agency and the students of Metropolia.