Design for Everyday Mobility?

Design for Everyday Mobility addresses the challenge of sustainable urban transportation through the means of design. It supports the implementation of the Cycling Promotion Programme of the City of Helsinki.

Design for Everyday Mobility (Liikkuvan arjen design or LAD in Finnish) is an initiave by Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Scieces to develop and carry out design-based and user oriented development activities for Helsinki Metropolitan Area built around sustainable transportation. Close collaboration with the Cities makes it possible for the students of design and other disciplines to actively contribute to the city planning process – to create novel service concepts and quick prototypes to spark the public discussion as well as to see their handiwork realised in the cityscape!

Design for Everyday Mobility | ERDF, Cities of Helsinki and Vantaa 2011-2013
Design for Everyday Mobility – From Bicycle Centre 2.0 into a Cycling City | City of Helsinki 2013-2016