Linking the Project to Helsinki’s Cycling Promotion Programme


Objective: Cycling is a competitive form of transport.
According to the programme, the promotion of cycling is above all a policy and it should be seen as a highly prioritized tool to achieve this objective. Prioritizing cycling as a form of transport widely improves and develops the comfort and vitality of the city, and the efficiency of the transport system.


“Target: bicycle facilities allow a smooth journey and increase the attractiveness of cycling.”

Service design and user-centered design are key methods of the project. The services and operating concept of the Bicycle Centre have been developed since 2012. The Helsinki Bicyle Centre, which staerted operating in the same year had its interiors and visual appearance planned and user survey conducted by students of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. In the summer of 2012 the project also tested a network-like Bicycle Centre concept: a service station for bikes provided cyclists with self-service bike tools along the route. This service was tested at five small kiosks in the city and at the Bicycle Centre. The results of the experiments can be seen in the promotion programme’s vision of the establishment of regional bicycle centers.

There have also been further student visions in the form of service concepts: moving the wheel center services closer to the main cycling route to the Citizens Square in Helsinki, and launching similar cyclist services in connection with the new campuses planned for Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. In addition, the project has already mapped the possibility to place the first regional bicycle center to the old railway station facilities in the Malmi region in Helsinki. In connection to this, the project members have already made interior and space usage plans for the facility.


Objective: The bicycle traffic arrangements become a seamless and comprehensive package, allowing a smooth, easy, and safe travelling experience.

The project has carried out concept plans related to the infrastructure of cycling considering e.g. better solutions for park-and-ride services for cycles. Moreover, it has done research on the elements of a safe path to school and compiled these into a planning manual. New methods combining design and drama techniques have been developed to gather information to develop the experience the infrastructure.


Objective: Helsinki has a positive and recognizable brand in cycling.