Bicycle Centre for Myllypuro Campus

Service concept suggests repurposing parking lots of 25 cars and using the space for parking facilities for 300 bicycles instead. In addition to parking facilities service includes a space for maintaining the bicycle with tools to lend and a vending machine for spare parts as well as showers and rental cargo bikes. Bike cave would be connected to campus and the cafe of Student Union by spiral staircase. The facilities and bike racks would be accessible by Metropolia’s keycard for students and staff and by HSL travel card for local residents.


Marjut Riihimäki,
Merel Furniere and
Venla Anttila


Juha Ainoa and Pasi Pänkäläinen

The service concept was designed in Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences as part of Design for Everyday Mobility – From Bicycle Centre 2.0 to a Cycling City project funded by Helsinki City Innovation Fund (2013-2016).