Bicycle Centre on Kansalaistori Square

Bicycle Centre 2.0

A Bicycle Centre on Kansalaistori Square would form a logical terminus to the Baana bicycle path. The concept makes use of the remaining ruins of the goods depot, with a new building made of glass, steel and wood to highlight and revitalise the crumbling red brick wall. The concept includes proposals for a temporary centre providing the most essential services.


Elina Niemi, Aleksandr Pylsy,
Tomas Peltola and Aaro Kurkela


Juha Ainoa and Pasi Pänkäläinen

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The service concept was designed in Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences as part of Design for Everyday Mobility – From Bicycle Centre 2.0 to a Cycling City project funded by Helsinki City Innovation Fund (2013-2016).