The Circle House Kiosks


To find a new purpose of use for the empty drive-through kiosks in Helsinki’s Hakaniemi District. The promotion of cycling is one aspect to be integrated in the service concept.

Concept 1: Kallio Dreaming

The main idea is to turn the kiosks and their surroundings into a meeting place for citizens. One would serve as a pop-up place for various street food providers. Another would offer tools, a rental service and professional help for the maintenance and repairs of bikes. The third would be a temporary sales and exhibition facility for the creative industries, e.g. start-up entrepreneurs and students. A new café building and a stage for live performances would encance the facilities’ use as an urban meeting space.

Concept 2: The Circle House Corner

This concept strongly supports cycling. A rental service for bikes and e-scooters would be built next to the kiosks together with a scooter charging point and an underground bicycle parking space. One of the kiosks would become a do-it-yourself bicycle service station, another would be turned over into a café and smoothie bar, and the third would include a city info application, providing a set of programs such as citizens’ route suggestions for download.


Sara Grönberg (interior architecture), Paavo Helkama, Meri Suomela and Heidi Ukkonen (industrial design)


Juha Ainoa and Pasi Pänkäläinen

These service concepts were designed as part of the Design for Everyday Mobility 2.0 project (2013-2016) financed by the Helsinki City Innovation Fund.