May 6, 2015

Students developing the Malmi Bicycle Center communications

Almost all projects of Everyday Mobility are done by students. Now Media students Jesse, Taneli and Natàlia have promised to give us a glimpse what they have been doing during spring semester. More information of their project will be posted on this site later in the spring!

Hi there!

We are three first ­year students of digital media: Jesse Ukkonen, Taneli Lahtinen and Natàlia Salat Bas. We are contributing LAD’s latest project ­the launching of Malmi’s cycle center.

Our job is to do a social media strategy for the center. It will contain guidance and instructions to eg. effective use of Instagram and Facebook. We are also working on some visual material such as posters, flyers and graphical instructions for the people of the Bicycle Center.

The core in the Degree programme of Media is to learn to work in the “deep end” of the professional field: we get to work on with real client projects at the beginning of our studies. Our project, which serves the Malmi cycle center, is precisely the kind of practical work to which one can’t prepare for only by cramming or listening to lectures. First we confront the challenge and only after that shall we start exploring several solutions from which we will pick the most suitable one.

There is an international viewpoint to out work for we have a visually oriented catalonian exchange student Natàlia. We plan and sketch the posters together and Natàlia works the final versions based on them. We communicate in English even though some of the documents will be returned in Finnish.

Our work is aimed at serving the client’s and the end user’s needs, that is figuring out how we can get them to understand each other and to follow the guidelines we’ve given to them? Our goal is therefore to produce for our client a practical and useful tool for running the communication of the cycle center.

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